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BOONSANERMHAWKERD.WInvestigation of the mechanism of uptake and accumulation of zwitterionic tetracyclines by riceOryza sativa LEcotoxicolEnvironSaf.v.78p.142-1472012Links

Only when the concentration remains high for a long period of timethere is excessive accumulation and may develop arthropathynephropathychanges in the central nervous system defects in spermatogenesismutagenicity and possible photosensitivity in humansKummerer et al 2000Reyes et al 2006

Principles of Drug TherapyDosingand Prescribing in Chronic Kidney Disease and Renal Replacement Therapy.

The most studied determinants of ribosomal protection have been those encoded by the tet(Mand tet(OgenesThe ribosomal protection proteins encoded by the other classes have an amino acid sequence identity of at least 40to Tet(Mand the mechanism of action is presumed to be similar for all ribosomal protection proteinsThe Tet(Mribosomal protection protein has amino acid sequence similarity to EF-Gwhich translocates the peptidyl transfer RNA during protein synthesisand EF-Tuhas a ribosome-dependent guanosine triphosphatase activityand seems to confer resistance by reversible binding to the ribosomeRibosomal protection proteins interact with the ribosome at the level of the protein h34 causing the release of the tetracycline moleculesThe ribosome returns to its standard conformational state and protein synthesis proceeds39.

AuthorA/Prof Amanda OakleyDermatologistHamiltonNew Zealand1997Updated in July 2016.

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a multidisciplinary liver of this order is that and or types was not observed during the doxycycline tetracycline value.

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