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Acne where medication was applied burning of the scalp changes in blood pressure dizziness feeling faint headache inflammation or soreness at the hair root persistent local rash rapid heartbeat rapid weight gain sudden weight gain swelling of the hands or feet temporary hair loss unwanted facial hair growth.

May have significant side effectsincluding weak erections and decreased semen production.

Each gram of cream-coloured foam contains 50 mg of minoxidilNonmedicinal ingredientsbutylhydroxytolueneBHTstearyl alcoholcetyl alcoholalcohol SD 40Blactic acidcitric acid anhydrousglycerol anhydrouspolysorbate 60propellant Aeropin 70propanebutaneisobutaneand purified water.

Minoxidil topicalthe active ingredient contained in Rogaineis generally well toleratedDermatological adverse events are the only side effects reported more commonly as compared to placeboRef]


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anoter very important point guys seems to miss- rogaine will not increase your hair _density_.

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