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As a result of the studies it has been indicated that the most probable Viagra side effects are headachedizzinessnasal stuffinessredness of the neck and facetemporal vision disorderblurred visionor high light sensitivityand also inversive temporal color blindness.

Before you start using Nizagara or any other medicine which contains sildenafil citrate it is necessary to study Sildenafil contraindications and consult a doctor if you have any problems with health condition.

The side effects of Nizagara include flushing of skinredness and swelling of face and skin rash in the neck and shoulder areasSome other common side effects include headachedizzinessand nauseaAlthough all of the listed side effects are self-limitingand they ease up at their ownit is preferred that users must talk to their doctors before hey Nizagara to prevent some unpredictable side effects.

The first pills for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction appeared in 1998Pfizer company provided Sildenafil drugIt has a fast actionimproves the erection even during severe forms of the erectile dysfunction and in case of the proper application without side effects.

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