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Metoprolol succinate is a white crystalline powder with a molecular weight of 652.8It is freely soluble in watersoluble in methanolsparingly soluble in ethanolslightly soluble in dichloromethane and 2-propanolpractically insoluble in ethyl-acetateacetonediethylether and heptaneInactive ingredientssilicon dioxidecellulose compoundssodium stearyl fumaratepolyethylene glycoltitanium dioxideparaffin.

Be sure to keep all of your doctor’s appointments so that your progress can be checked.

In the MERIT-HF study comparing TOPROL-XL in daily doses up to 200 mgmean dose 159 mg once-dailyn=1990to placebon=200110.3of TOPROL-XL patients discontinued for adverse reactions vs12.2of placebo patients.

The following adverse reactions have been identified during post-approval use of TOPROL-XL or immediate-release metoprololBecause these reactions are reported voluntarily from a population of uncertain sizeit is not always possible to reliably estimate their frequency or establish a causal relationship to drug exposure.

Chest painpounding heartbeats or fluttering in your chestlightheadednessfaintingshortness of breath even with mild exertionswelling of your hands or feetupper stomach painitchingloss of appetitedark urineclay-colored stoolsjaundiceyellowing of the skin or eyeseasy bruisingunusual bleedingnosemouthvaginaor rectumpurple or red pinpoint spots under your skinwheezingtrouble breathingconfusionmemory problemshallucinationsor cold feeling in your hands and feet.

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