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The effect of Hytrin on fertility was assessed in a standard fertility/reproductive performance study in which male and female rats were administered oral doses of 830 and 120 mg/kg/dayFour of 20 male rats given 30 mg/kg240 mg/M 220 times the maximum recommended human doseand five of 19 male rats given 120 mg/kg960 mg/M 280 times the maximum recommended human dosefailed to sire a litterTesticular weights and morphology were unaffected by treatmentVaginal smears at 30 and 120 mg/kg/dayhoweverappeared to contain less sperm than smears from control matings and good correlation was reported between sperm count and subsequent pregnancy.

Ocular side effects including Intraoperative Floppy Iris SyndromeIFIShave been observed in some patients undergoing phacoemulsification cataract surgery while being treated with alpha-1 blockers.

In multiple dose clinical trials involving nearly 2000 hypertensive patients treated with Hytrin tabletssyncope was reported in about 1of patientsSyncope was not necessarily associated only with the first dose.

Terazosin has been given without interaction with analgesics/anti-inflammatoriescardiac glycosideshypoglycemicsantiarrhythmicsanxiolytics/sedativesantibacterialshormones/steroids and drugs used for gout.

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