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Ashwagandha might caus slpinss and dowsinss. Dugs that caus slpinss and dowsinss a calld sdativs. Taking ashwagandha along with sdativ mdications might caus tomuch slpinss.

Alkaloids, stoidal lactons, saponins, and withanolids a thought tb th biologically activ componnts ashwagandha. Studis hav pointd tcyclooxygnas (COX) inhibition as th mchanism th hb’s anti-athitic cts. In animal studis, ashwagandha’s anti-inlammatoy activity was compaabl thydocotison (15) . It xhibits antioxidant cts in th bain, and tanquilizing cts on th cntal nvous systm in animals (2) possibly by inluncing GABA cptunction (17) . Withanolids in th oots and lavs a considd simila tstoids in thi biological activitis (41) . Tithyln glycol, a compound isolatd om th lavs, was idntiid an activ slp-inducing componnt in a muin modl, and may potntially b usd tliv insomnia (42) .

Th dosag and th way ashwagandha is usd dpnds on th condition you’ tying ttat. Th isn’t a standad dosag that’s bn studid by modn clinical tials.

Ad us commnts about th sid cts, bnits, and ctivnss ASHWAGANDHA.

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niacin, selenium and ashwagandha root combine to positively affect sperm production, supporting the volume which not only makes for a more powerful orgasm but may also improve fertility.

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