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Efferdosedissolve 1 tab in 5mL of water16yrsActive duodenal ulcer150mg twice daily or 300mg once daily after evening meal or at bedtime for up to 8wksmaintenance150mg at bedtimeActive benign gastric ulcerhypersecretory conditions or GERD150mg twice dailymax 6g daily in hypersecretory conditionsMaintenance of healing of gastric ulcer150mg at bedtimeLimit to 6wks in benign gastric ulcerEsophagitis150mg 4 times dailyreevaluate after 12wksmaintenance of healing of erosive esophagitis150mg twice dailyRenal impairmentCrCl.


Continuous infusion150 mg diluted in 250 mL of IV fluid and infused at 6.25 mg/hr for 24 hours.

Porphyriaa genetic enzyme disorder that causes symptoms affecting the skin or nervous system

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