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Carcinogenicity studies using oral haloperidol were conducted in Wistar ratsdosed at up to 5 mg/kg daily for 24 monthsand in Albino Swiss micedosed at up to 5 mg/kg daily for 18 monthsIn the rat study survival was less than optimal in all dose groupsreducing the number of rats at risk for developing tumorsHoweveralthough a relatively greater number of rats survived to the end of the study in high-dose male and female groupsthese animals did not have a greater incidence of tumors than control animalsThereforealthough not optimalthis study does suggest the absence of a haloperidol related increase in the incidence of neoplasia in rats at doses up to 20 times the usual daily human dose for chronic or resistant patients.

0.5-2 mg PO q8-12hr initiallyif severe symptoms necessitate increased dosagetitrate upward to 3-5 mg PO q8-12hrif patient remains inadequately controlleddaily doses up to 100 mg have been usedsafety not determined)

Before having surgerybe sure to tell your doctor or dentist that you are taking haloperidol.

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