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Here s a short list thyroid meds, beta blockers, salt pills to retain fluids, tylenol, advil, antibiotics, birth control pills, viagra, nexium, prilosec, prevacid, zantac, nasal sprays for allergies, all allergy meds, asthma meds, meds for diarrhea, bronchitis, cholesterol, eczema, incontinence, acne, constipation, hay fever, menopause, weight loss and on and on and on.

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Take the medicine as soon as you canbut skip the missed dose if it is almost time for your next doseDo not take two doses at one time.

Prevacid does not work immediatelyIt can take three or four days to see improvement in symptoms like heartburn.

Frequency not reportedBack painneck painneck rigidityarthritisbone/joint disorderleg crampsmusculoskeletal painmyastheniasynovitis.

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