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Anticholingic (paasympatholytic) agnt; inhibits vagally mdiatd lxs by antagonizing actylcholin action; pvnts incas in intacllula calcium concntation that is causd by intaction actylcholin with muscainic cptos on bonchial smooth muscl.

Patints should b mindd tad and ollow th accompanying “Patint’s Instuctions Us”, which should b dispnsd with th poduct.

Pim th inhal dvic bth ist us by pumping 2 tst spays intth ai, away om you ac. Pim th inhal i it has not bn usd long than 3 days. Clan th inhal onc a wk. ollow th claning dictions that cam with you mdicin.

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a small number of patients have difficulty urinating while taking atrovent hfa, especially men with enlarged prostates.

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