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The key ingredients of the menopause relief supplement are clinically tested for safety but the long term effects are still not clearTo prevent side effectsfollow the recommended dosage carefully or better yet consult a physician regarding the best dosage for your particular caseDo not use this supplement when taking other menopause relief drugs or supplements.

Helps women go through a healthy menopause Contains organically grown sage herb Fresh herb extract.

Menosan is prepared from the fresh leaves of sageSage is one of the plants known as a phyto-oestrogenIt also has a role in preventing sweatingthe combination of these 2 actions makes sage an excellent preparation to help with the decline in hormonal levels at the time of the menopauseSage has also been found to possess anti-bacterial propertiesand when used as a garglecan be very beneficial for sore throatsIngredients100g of Fresh Plant Tinctureextracted in alcohol 66by volumetypically containsTincture of Salvia officinalisSage100g

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