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FinasteridePropeciaFinasteride is an umbrella term for the Propecia and ProscarIf you are affected by DHTdihydrotestosteroneit will cause your hair follicles to become smaller until they have shrunk to the point they can’t grow any hairFinasteride reduces the effects of DHT up to 70and even causes hair to grow backIt can take from 3 months up to a year for it to show any resultsThis has been often referred as the best hair loss treatment available with little to no side effectsMinoxidilMinoxidil was originally a remedy to treat high blood pressurebut several users reported its hair growth effectsit was then manufactured as a topical medication for hair lossMinoxidil works by stimulating the hair follicles by enlarging the blood vessels which causes more nutrients and oxygen to flow into the follicle leading to hair growthUsers can notice significant growth from 2 to 3 months of using MinoxidilProstaglandin analogsThese are relatively new options which are currently being examined of their hair growth potentialsThese are mainly used as eyelash enhancements now but scientists are hopeful that they soon can be treated for hair loss.

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