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Paticipant is pgnant, bast ding planning tbcom pgnant; (all paticipants childbaing potntial gadlss mthod bith contol must hav a ngativ pgnancy tst at baslin; a woman is considd not tb childbaing potntial is sh has had a hystctomy, bilatal oophoctomy, i sh is > 55 yas ag with >= 2 yas amnoha)

Tak this mdication gulaly in od tgt th most bnit om it. mmb tus it at th sam tim(s) ach day.

Tabl 10: Wight Changs (kg) om Baslin Duing andomizd, Doubl-Blind Clinical Tials.

Bcaus impaid hpatic unction has bn associatd with som cass lactic acidosis ACTOPLUS MT should gnally b avoidd in patints with clinical laboatoy vidnc hpatic disas.

Th patints in ths ou tials w hospitalizd du thypoglycmia. All th patints w civing pioglitazon 30 mg (0.9%) in th 24-wk add-on tinsulin tial. An additional 14 patints potd sv hypoglycmia (dind as causing considabl intnc with patint’s usual activitis) that did not qui hospitalization. Ths patints w civing pioglitazon 45 mg in combination with sulonylua (n=2) pioglitazon 30 mg 45 mg in combination with insulin (n=12).

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