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Nicotinell patches 35mg contains suitable quantity of nicotine for whole day of treatment when you are on smoking cessation.

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Nicotinell TTS10smalleach contain 17.5mg of nicotineAverage absorption rate 7mg/24 hours.

Nicotinell Chewing Gum is available in two nicotine dosage strengthsNicotinell 2 mg gum and Nicotinell 4 mg gum.

Many ex-smokers worry about putting on weightWith the Nicotinell 24-hour patchthe body still receives nicotine to begin withThe metabolism therefore has longer to adaptwith the chance that your weight will stay the same.

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nicotinell chewing gum is available in two nicotine dosage strengths – nicotinell 2 mg gum and nicotinell 4 mg gum.

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