Lariam treatment of malaria

For more on the psychological side effects of lariam, see this article from the new york times and have a look at the video below.

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Information about Lariam.

You also should not use Lariam to prevent malaria if you have a recent history of:

If you stop taking the medicine early for any reasoncontact a healthcare professional about another form of malaria prevention.

The potential case against the British Army appears to hinge on the extent to which it took sufficient measures to screen soldiers to check for such signs and symptoms.

NotePatients with acute Pvivax malariatreated with Lariammefloquineare at high risk of relapse because Lariammefloquinedoes not eliminate exoerythrocytichepatic phaseparasitesTo avoid relapseafter initial treatment of the acute infection with Lariammefloquinepatients should subsequently be treated with an 8-aminoquinoline derivativeegprimaquine

A mild to serious potential life-threatening allergic reactionanaphylaxisto Lariam or any of its ingredients with symptoms such as difficulty in breathingswollen tongueitching and severe rash severe changes in texture and appearance of the skinespecially serious blistering and peeling that affects the moutheyes and genitalsStevens Johnson syndromefitsseizures or convulsionsheart problems e.gsevere changes in heartbeatincluding poundingracing or skipped beatspalpitationsinflammation of the lungsalso known as pneumonitisThis is a seriouspotentially life-threatening allergic reaction in the lungs which may cause feverchillscoughshortness of breath or chest painsevere liver problems which might be demonstrated by a transient increase in your liver enzymes shown by blood tests or other symptoms such as tenderfirm or possibly enlarged liverjaundiceyellowing of skin/eyesdark urinelight coloured stools and generalised itchiness.

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some current and former troops sent to iraq claim that lariam has provoked violent and dangerous behavior.

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