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Enlarge Drawing of female breast anatomy showing the lymph nodesnippleareolachest wallribsmusclefatty tissuelobeductsand lobules.

Sir I am 38 years male have a gynecomastia from last one year some time I feel tenderness in left side breast I did chest ultrasound for both side there is only a fibrglanduar parenchyma on the left side of breastNo lump and no cystWhat should I do for thisI am worried for the surgeryPlease help me doctor.

I had gynecomastia at the age of 15 and it persisted till now at the age of 28Due to this I have puffy nipples and I am losing confidenceDoes it affect my fertilityI am planning to get married and it really concerns meHow can I get rid of puffy nipples?

Radiation therapy to the chest for the treatment of cancer increases the risk of breast cancerstarting 10 years after treatmentThe risk of breast cancer depends on the dose of radiation and the age at which it is givenThe risk is highest if radiation treatment was used during pubertywhen breasts are forming.

Taking estrogen-only hormone therapy after hysterectomyselective estrogen receptor modulatorsor aromatase inhibitors and inactivators.

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