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Bactroban ointment should not be used on skin that is near an iv intravenous site.

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BACTOBAN ointmnt is a psciption mdicin usd on th skin (topical us) ttat a skin inction calld imptigthat is causd by bactia calld Staphylococcus auus and Stptococcus pyogns. It is not known i BACTOBAN ointmnt is sa and ctiv in childn und 2 months ag.

Stat oom tmpatu away om moistu and hat. Dnot z. Kp th mdicin tub tightly closd whn not in us.

Hav kidny poblms a pgnant plan tbcom pgnant. It is not known i BACTOBAN ointmnt will ham you unbon baby. a bastding plan tbastd. It is not known i BACTOBAN ointmnt passs intyou bast milk. You and you halthca povid should dcid i you can us BACTOBAN ointmnt whil bastding.

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like other medicines, generic for bactroban can cause some side effects.

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