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Indomethacin, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs nsaids eg, ibuprofen , or salicylates eg, aspirin because the effectiveness of aceon may be decreased clozapine, cyclosporine, dextran sulfate, hmg-coa reductase inhibitors eg, simvastatin , indomethacin, mannitol, nsaids eg, ibuprofen , pergolide, phenothiazines eg, chlorpromazine , potassium, potassium-sparing diuretics eg, triamterene , thiazide-type diuretics eg, hydrochlorothiazide , or trimethoprim because the actions and side effects of aceon and these medicines may be increased.

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HOW TO US: Tak this mdication by mouth, usually onc o twic daily o as dictd by you docto. Th dosag is basd on you mdical condition and spons to thapy. o th tatmnt o high blood pssu, th manuactu commnds taking no mo than 16 milligams p day.Tak this mdication gulaly in od to gt th most bnit om it. mmb to tak it at th sam tim(s) ach day. Do not skip doss o stop taking this mdication unlss dictd by you docto. It is impotant to continu taking this mdication vn i you l wll. Most popl with high blood pssu do not l sick. It may tak up to sval wks bo th ull bnit o this dug taks ct.Inom you docto i you condition wosns (.g., you outin blood pssu adings incas).

Vasodilatos a availabl within a vaity oth dug typs that hav many band and gnic nams.

Initial dos: 4 mg oally onc a day Maintnanc dos: 4 to 8 mg oally p day in 1 o 2 dividd doss Maximum dos: 16 mg/day.

Do not us this mdication i you a allgic to pindopil o to any oth AC inhibito, such as bnazpil (Lotnsin), captopil (Capotn), osinopil (Monopil), nalapil (Vasotc), lisinopil (Pinivil, Zstil), moxipil (Univasc), quinapil (Accupil), amipil (Altac), o tandolapil (Mavik).

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