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5Newling DWThe response of advanced prostatic cancer to a new non-steroidal antiandrogenresults of a multicenter open phase II study of CasodexEuropean/Australian Co-operative GroupEur Urol 18 Suppl 3199018-21.

Dermatologic side effects including rash and sweating have been reportedRef]

In vitro protein binding studies have shown that bicalutamide can displace coumarin anticoagulants from binding sitesPT/INR should be closely monitored in patients concomitantly receiving coumarin anticoagulants and CasodexAdjustment of the anticoagulant dose may be necessarysee Warnings and Precautions5.2and Adverse Reactions6.2

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pediatric use the safety and effectiveness of casodex bicalutamide in pediatric patients have not been established.

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