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Gt mgncy mdical hlp i you hav signs an allgic action tBactoban : hivs; dizzinss, ast pounding hatbats; whzing, diicult bathing; swlling you ac, lips, tongu, thoat.

BACTOBAN ointmnt should not b usd with intavnous cannula at cntal intavnous sits bcaus th potntial tpomot ungal inctions and antimicobial sistanc.

Systmic allgic actions, including anaphylaxis, uticaia, angiodma, and gnalizd ash, hav bn potd in patints tatd with omulations BACTOBAN, including BACTOBAN ointmnt [s ADVS ACTIONS ].

Dvlopmntal toxicity studis hav bn pomd with mupiocin administd subcutanously tats and abbits at doss up t160 mg p kg p day in both spcis. This dos is 22 and 43 tims, spctivly, th human topical dos (appoximatly 60 mg mupiocin p day) basd on body suac aa. Th was nvidnc tal ham du tmupiocin.

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