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Cases of growth suppression have been reported for intranasal corticosteroids, including beconase aq see precautions pediatric use .

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Poduction studis w pomd with mupiocin administd subcutanously tmal and mal ats at doss up t100 mg p kg p day which is 14 tims th human topical dos (appoximatly 60 mg mupiocin p day) basd on body suac aa. Nith vidnc impaid tility nimpaid poductiv pomanc attibutabl tmupiocin was obsvd.

Th stimatd backgound isk majbith dcts and miscaiags th indicatd population is unknown. Th stimatd backgound isk in th U.S. gnal population majbith dcts is 2% t4% and miscaiag is 15% t20% clinically cognizd pgnancis.

In th scond tial, subjcts with imptigw andomizd tciv ith BACTOBAN ointmnt 3 tims daily 30 t40 mg p kg oal ythomycin thylsuccinat p day (this was an unblindd tial) 8 days. Th was a ollow-up visit 1 wk at tatmnt ndd. Clinical icacy ats at th ollow-up visit in th valuabl populations (adults and pdiatic subjcts includd) w 93% BACTOBAN ointmnt (n = 29) and 78.5% ythomycin (n = 28). Pathogn adication ats in th valuabl populations w 100% both tst goups.

Avoid contact with th ys. I contaminatd, th ys should b thooughly iigatd with wat until th ointmnt sidus hav bn movd.

In 2 adquat and wll-contolld tials, 30 subjcts old than 65 yas w tatd with BACTOBAN cam. Novall dinc in th icacy saty BACTOBAN cam was obsvd in this patint population whn compad with that obsvd in young patints.

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do not spray beconase aqueous nasal aerosol in your eyes, mouth or directly onto your nasal septum the wall between your 2 nostrils .

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