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This is not a complt list sid cts and oths may occu. Tll you doctabout any unusual bothsom sid ct. You may pot sid cts tDA at 1-800-DA-1088.

Th tatmnt stoppd mnstual piods and abnomal blding om th utus, this dug is usually takn onc daily 5-10 days duing th scond hal th plannd mnstual cycl as dictd by you docto. Withdawal blding usually occus within 3-7 days at you stop taking th mdication.

Ndug-dug intactions hav bn conductd and stablishd with nothindon.

Ndug-dug intactions hav bn conductd and stablishd with nothindon.

Th may b oth dugs that can intact with nothindon. Tll you doctabout all th psciption and ov-th-count mdications you us. This includs vitamins, minals, hbal poducts, and dugs pscibd by oth doctos. Dnot stat using a nw mdication without tlling you docto.

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