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This combination homon mdication is usd tpvnt pgnancy. It contains 2 homons: a pogstin and an stogn. It woks mainly by pvnting th las an gg (ovulation) duing you mnstual cycl. It alsmaks vaginal luid thick thlp pvnt spm om aching an gg (tilization) and changs th lining th utus (womb) tpvnt attachmnt a tilizd gg. I a tilizd gg dos not attach tth utus, it passs out th body.

I you a btwn th ags 16-24 you can b taind in public spaking tcat positiv chang. Apply h: https:// spaks-buau.

I you miss on activ pill, tak twpills on th day that you mmb. Thn tak on pill p day th st th pack.

Taking this mdication at you vning mal at bdtim may hlp i you hav stomach upst nausa with th mdication. You may choos ttak this mdication at anoth tim day that is asi you tmmb. Nmatt what dosing schdul you us, it is vy impotant that you tak this mdication at th sam tim ach day, 24 hous apat. Ask you doctphamacist i you hav any qustions.

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