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Sanskrit name of bacopa monnieri is brahmi.

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The leaves of the brahmi plant can be chewedonly 2-3 at a timein order to relieve stress and anxietyThe active ingredients in this herb can affect hormonal balance in the body and positively impact the balance of stress hormones in our bodythereby inducing a calmrelaxed state in a natural wayavoiding the side effects of traditional pharmaceutical options for stress and anxiety relief.

Research reveals little or no information regarding toxicology with the use of this product.

Brahmi appears to be free of reported adverse reactionsBrahmi has CNS effectsbut no serious sedation.

Brahmi appears to be free of reported side effectsIts CNS actions do not include serious sedationalthough the potentiation of chlorpromazine’s effect on conditioned avoidance responses may indicate caution with phenothiazine coadministration22.

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