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In using the drug if you buy generic azulfidine online are possible side effects by cns and peripheral ns hallucinations, sleep disturbances, peripheral neuropathy, convulsions, aseptic meningitis, depression, ataxia, noise in ears, dizziness, headache.

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Tak this mdication xactly as it was pscibd you. Dnot tak th mdication in lag amounts, tak it long than commndd by you docto. ollow th dictions on you psciption labl.

DA pgnancy catgoy B. Azulidin is not xpctd tham an unbon baby. Howv, you may nd ttak olic acid supplmnts i you tak this mdicin duing pgnancy. ollow you docto’s instuctions. Tll you docti you a pgnant plan tbcom pgnant duing tatmnt.

What should I discuss with my halthca povid btaking sulasalazin oal (Azulidin, Azulidin N-tabs, Sulazin)?

Q: Dos sulasalazin duc pain, inlammation, and stinss in kns actd by ostoathitis?

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