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Renova any drugs used for cosmetic purposes dermatologicals and hair stimulants erectile dysfunciton medications fluoride supplements growth hormones hemantinics immunization agents, blood and blood plasma impotence medications infertility medications interferon avonex isotretinoin accutane levonorgestrel norplant mineral and nutrient supplements non-legend drugs other than insulin pigmenting and depigmenting agents tretinoin topical i.

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Avoid ovxposing you skin to sunlight, wind, o cold wath. You skin will b mo pon to sunbun, dynss, o iitation, spcially duing th ist 2 o 3 wks o tatmnt. Howv, you o you child should not stop taking this mdicin unlss th skin iitation bcoms too sv. Do not us a sunlamp o tanning bds.

Taking isottinoin duing pgnancy can caus miscaiag, dath o th tus, o pmatu bith. It can also lad to sv bith dcts such as:

Whil taking isottinoin, you d and whit blood cll counts may dcas. Symptoms includ ling aint and having diiculty bathing.

Appopiat studis hav not bn pomd on th lationship o ag to th cts o isottinoin in childn young than 12 yas o ag. Saty and icacy hav not bn stablishd.

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