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Information about Lanoxin.

If you have any further questions on the use of this medicineask your doctor or pharmacist.

Since dizziness and blurred or yellow vision have been reportedyou should exercise caution before driving a vehicleusing machinery or participating in dangerous activities.

Digoxin is primarily excreted by the kidneysthereforepatients with impaired renal function require smaller than usual maintenance doses of digoxinsee DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATIONBecause of the prolonged elimination half-lifea longer period of time is required to achieve an initial or new steady-state serum concentration in patients with renal impairment than in patients with normal renal functionIf appropriate care is not taken to reduce the dose of digoxinsuch patients are at high risk for toxicityand toxic effects will last longer in such patients than in patients with normal renal function.

The dosage of this medication is based on your medical conditionagebody weightlaboratory testsand response to treatment.

The absorption of digoxin is reduced in some malabsorption conditions such as chronic diarrhea.

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your pharmacist can provide more information about lanoxin.

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