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Azithromycin zithromax , 250 milligrams a day or clarithromycin biaxin , 500 milligrams twice a day, taken on an empty stomach.

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16Fong IWLaforge JDubois JSmall DGrossman RZakhari RThomas PTHoffstein VBourbeau JMacdonald GFMclellan PAClarithromycin versus cefaclor in lower respiratory tract infectionsClin Invest Med 181995131-8.

Frequency not reportedHepatocellular and/or cholestatic hepatitiswith or without jaundicedrug-induced hepatotoxicityfulminant hepatic failure.

Hypoglycemia has been reported in patients receiving oral hypoglycemic agents or insulinRef]

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gsk is awaiting closing arguments in biaxin 120 mg a second trial considering similar challenges to eye care xenia the zofran patents with clarithromycin inducible resistance.

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