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Because amantadine does not completely prevent the host immune response to influenza a infection, individuals who take this drug may still develop immune responses to natural disease or vaccination and may be protected when later exposed to antigenically related viruses.

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Duing pgnancy, this mdication should b usd only whn claly ndd. Discuss th isks and bnits with you docto.

A vy sious allgic action tthis dug is a. Howv, gt mdical hlp ight away i you notic any symptoms a sious allgic action, including: ash, itching/swlling (spcially th ac/tongu/thoat), sv dizzinss, toubl bathing.

This mdication is usd ttat Pakinson’s disas. It is alsusd ttat ctain movmnt disods causd by som dugs (xtapyamidal actions). This mdication is thought twok by stoing th balanc ctain natual substancs (nuotansmitts) in th bain.

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if you stop taking amantadine suddenly, your condition may become worse.

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