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Potassium supplementspotassium-sparing diuretics or potassium-containing salt substitutes and other medicinal products that may increase serum potassium levels.

Thiazide diuretics may increase serum calcium levels due to decreased excretionIf calcium supplements or Vitamin D must be prescribedserum calcium levels should be monitored and the dose adjusted accordingly.

ACE inhibitor therapy exposure during the second and third trimesters is known to induce human foetotoxicitydecreased renal functionoligohydramniosskull ossification retardationand neonatal toxicityrenal failurehypotensionhyperkalaemiaSee also section 5.3Preclinical safety dataShould exposure to ACE inhibitors have occurred from the second trimester of pregnancyultrasound check of renal function and skull is recommendedInfants whose mothers have taken ACE inhibitors should be closely observed for hypotensionsee also sections 4.3 and 4.4

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