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Leave aldara cream on the affected space for 6 to ten hours.

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Any dvic unning th ollowing OS, using th built-in bowss, a cuntly suppotd:

Avoid gtting Aldaa in you ys, mouth, and nos, on you lips. Dnot plac th cam in you ctum, vagina, utha. I it dos gt intany ths aas, ins with wat. Dnot us Aldaa on sunbund, windbund, dy, chappd, iitatd, bokn skin.

Tduc th isk spading HPV toths, always us ctiv bai potctions (such as latx polyuthan condoms, dntal dams) duing all sxual activity. Consult you doctphamacist mdtails.

Th isk sv local skin actions may b incasd whn imiquimod is usd at high than commndd doss (s sction 4.2). Howv, in a cass sv local actions that hav quid tatmnt and/causd tmpoay incapacitation hav bn obsvd in patints whhav usd imiquimod accoding tth instuctions. Wh such actions hav occud at th uthal matus, som womn hav xpincd diiculty in uinating, somtims quiing mgncy cathtisation and tatmnt th actd aa.

Th xcipints mthyl hydoxybnzoat ( 218) and popyl hydoxybnzoat ( 216) may caus allgic actions (possibly dlayd). Ctyl alcohol and stayl alcohol may caus local skin actions (.g. contact dmatitis).

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also it is not known whether aldara cream is excreted into breast milk and therefore can not be recommended while breast feeding.

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