Tantric Intercourse: Here’s All You Need To Know

Tantric Intercourse: Here’s All You Need To Know

exactly What pops into the mind whenever you hear the word “Tantra”? An epic free-love orgy? Numerous would assume therefore. Yet Tantric sex is the art and science of sacred sex, rooted within the philosophies of Tantra. Unfortunately, typical misconceptions of Tantra decrease this powerful religious training to trivial intimate endeavors.

What exactly is Tantra?

Yogani, writer of Advanced Yoga techniques: effortless classes for Ecstatic Living, explains, “In Tantric intercourse, our company is understanding how to take part in intercourse for the true purpose of cultivating energy upward . . . Religious cultivation of intimate energy first, orgasm second.”

In yogic philosophy, upward power is known as “Prana.” The amount that is greatest of Prana is saved involving the sides, in the foot of the back. Tantric sex, basically, may be the training of withholding orgasm to ensure that professionals can last much longer.

Tantra transforms intercourse into an event that is meditative a blissful union lasting hours, days, or years (as legend has it).

Feminists, rejoice! Tantric sex is really a practice that is fundamentally equalizing. Some genuinely believe that masculine repression of females relates to men’s subconscious recognition of feminine superiority that is sexual. Continue Reading →